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Summer Annuals and Tropicals Arriving
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Heat-Loving Annuals

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, heat-loving annuals will dazzle your gardens with vibrant colors. They are the sun-bathing beauties of any garden. With so many different flower forms, colors, sizes and foliage shapes, every gardener will have a dozen or two favorite annuals blooming in the garden to brag about.

Versatility is their name; garden pizzazz is your gain. Annuals can make themselves at home in your garden beds, around your trees and shrubs, and in containers of all kinds. Some annuals are groundcovers, some are midsized and perfect for borders, and some will stand tall in the rear of the garden bed or as a focal point.

For a huge colorful impact, plant in swaths or waves. Or plant in patterns and create a colorful design. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to try new arrangements. Unlike perennials, annuals don't hang around for years. So experiment! If you don't like one effect, you can always try something else the next time you plant. You can do the same with potted annuals, of course - and those are even easier to rearrange.

If you plant your annuals in the ground, we recommend using a good planting mix. Most annuals need regular water, as they don't have the time to develop extensive root systems.

Fertilize to encourage continuous blooms. Also, to keep your annuals blooming all season long, "deadhead" (which means to pluck off the spent flowers). This will keep the plants from thinking that it's time to spend all of their energy developing seeds for the next season. Remember that annuals are plants that grow and bloom within one season.

Whatever your garden style or colors, we have annuals for you! Come in and pick out your favorites. Arrange them in your gardens for a spectacular summer flower show!

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Garden Primer

The leaves on some of my plants are starting to turn brown. How can I tell if the cause is lack of water, or salt or chemical damage?


That's fairly simple.

  • If a plant is too dry, the tips of the leaves will turn brown. The longer without water, the farther down the leaf the burn will extend.
  • If a plant is suffering from salt damage, the entire leaf edge will appear brown or dry.
  • If it's chemical damage, the foliage will generally have burn spots all over the leaf surface.

And here are the usual causes:

  • If a plant is too dry, it needs deeper or more frequent watering.
  • Salt burn is most often caused by excessive fertilization.
  • Chemical damage results from weed killer drifting onto a plant, a chemical solution being mixed stronger than label recommendations, or a spray being applied to (or too near to) a plant that is sensitive to that spray.

Please note that all three scenarios have man-made causes.

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