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Come in and visit our brand new houseplant center!! Stop by anytime, and bring home easy-care plants to brighten your home and help clean the air. We have a large selection of house plants and tropicals, with beautiful pots.
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Great selection of Gourmet Gift Baskets, including Stonewall

Give a Gourmet Basket as a gift or bring one to any occasion

Fire pits
Long Island's largest selection of
Chimineas and Fire Pits!
Keep the evening chill at bay while your family and friends are over to play!
Do you know that Acer's offers free
computerized landscape design?
Call (631) 343-7123 or send pics to Jim@acersgardencenter.com.


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Elegant Palms

Many palms are slow-growing, and consequently, large specimens are often expensive. But don't be deterred from growing palms; if you provide the right conditions, even small plants will gradually become impressive specimens.

Not all palms grow large, and many are compact enough for a tabletop. Some are even small enough to use in a bottle garden while young.

The most common mistake is to regard all palms as lovers of hot sunshine and desert-dry air. They often have to cope with both in countries where they grow outdoors, but as houseplants you want them to remain in good condition with unblemished leaves.

  • Keep cool in winter, but not less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep out of direct sunshine unless you know that your palm revels in the sun (a few do).
  • Use a good potting soil and ensure that the drainage is good.
  • Repot only when it is absolutely essential, as palms dislike root disturbance. Always ensure that the new soil is firmly compacted if you do repot.
  • Water liberally in spring and summer, sparingly in winter.
  • Mist the plants frequently with water and sponge the leaves occasionally with water.
  • Do not use an aerosol leaf shine.

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Garden Primer

How can I tell if a plant is fully rooted?


Stand back, look your plant straight in the eye, and ask it! No beating around the bush (forgive the pun); simply ask it in a straightforward manner.

No, seriously, most plants take at least 3-4 months--sometimes a complete growing season in colder climates--to become rooted and established.

If you pull up gently on an established plant, there generally will be no "give." New growth on the plant tips is another sign that your plant is safely on its way.

Incorporating a starter fertilizer into the backfill of the hole and then watering in with a rooting hormone will give your new plants an added boost to help them set down good, solid roots in their new environment.

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