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Don't be LAZY! The heat wave broke, and it's a great time to plant your SUMMER blooming perennials and shrubs. Plant ONCE and they come back FOREVER!

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It's July, and Acer's has many amazing plants!

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It's summer; plant now, before it's too late!


Create a tropical paradise right outside your door!

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We do funeral work. 631-343-7123. Custom pieces by request.

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We are fully stocked with amazing plants for all your garden needs!


Huge, beautiful selection of hanging baskets and patio planters!

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Healthy Gardening Practices

Gardening can be a great form of healthful exercise. Depending on the intensity of your garden work, you can get quite a good workout. All that bending, stretching and lifting will keep your body limber and muscles toned. But when done incorrectly it can lead to injury.

Before starting any gardening activity, consider stretching for a few minutes to warm up your muscles and prepare them for the work ahead. And if you take any extended break, do a few more stretches before returning to the task at hand. Also, don't double-dig a whole garden if you've not been exercising regularly.

It's also important to remember to replenish your body fluids while working outside. It's easy to get dehydrated on a hot day while enjoying the sunlight if you don't make a point of replenishing the fluids your body is burning off.

Speaking of that sunlight, make sure to apply plenty of sun block to exposed and unprotected parts of your body before starting your gardening activity. While sun visors will help shade the front of your face, a wider brimmed sunhat hat will also shade the sides and, more important, your ears.

Don't forget that garden safety is another important aspect of healthy gardening. Wear appropriate clothing, safety goggles and ear protection if you plan on using power equipment. Using tools with padded and/or spring loaded handles will reduce stiffness in your arms and hands. Wear knee pads or use a knee cushion or kneeler seat if you plan on spending a lot of time on your knees, and wear gloves to protect your hands.

When using a stepladder, be sure its height is appropriate for the type of job you are doing so you aren't tempted to stand beyond the safety step. Finally, avoid spraying or dusting plants on windy days to reduce the chance of absorbing or exposing your body to harmful chemicals. Keeping these things in mind will help you enjoy a safe and healthy time in your garden. So be safe and have fun!

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Garden Primer

The leaves on some of my plants are starting to turn brown. How can I tell if the cause is lack of water, or salt or chemical damage?


That's fairly simple.

  • If a plant is too dry, the tips of the leaves will turn brown. The longer without water, the farther down the leaf the burn will extend.
  • If a plant is suffering from salt damage, the entire leaf edge will appear brown or dry.
  • If it's chemical damage, the foliage will generally have burn spots all over the leaf surface.

And here are the usual causes:

  • If a plant is too dry, it needs deeper or more frequent watering.
  • Salt burn is most often caused by excessive fertilization.
  • Chemical damage results from weed killer drifting onto a plant, a chemical solution being mixed stronger than label recommendations, or a spray being applied to (or too near to) a plant that is sensitive to that spray.

Please note that all three scenarios have man-made causes.

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