Acer’s Home & Garden 2077 Jericho Tpke. Commack (631) 343-7123 By Amy Biandi


Family owned and operated, Acer’s Florist and Garden Center provides all the products and services you need to make your home the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

Acer’s Florist and Garden Center is more than your average garden center. They are a one acre plant nursery which includes a full selection of hard to find trees and shrubs, organic fertilizers, a full service florist, and gift boutique with floral and gift department. After the purchase of A Sister’s Touch Florist (formerly from the Bonwit shopping center) the Acer’s family was now complete. Acer’s Florist and Garden Center provides planting services, computerized landscape design and free at home consultation. They have an entire line of organic products and can also fill your propane tank for all your summer barbecues. Acer’s Florist and Garden Center is a 12 month a year destination; one stop shopping to fulfill all of your gardening and gift needs.

Jim is a landscape designer who has been in this business for most of his life. He took his first job at 13 years old working at a perennial farm and later attended the SUNY Farmingdale Horticulture program. For many years he worked for a prestigious landscape design firm in East Hampton, but always knew that he wanted to own his own place. On May 1, 2010 he realized that dream by opening Acer’s Florist and Garden Center. The name “Acer” is the botanical name for maple tree and is also the name of his youngest son. They recently celebrated their Sixth Anniversary.

As a family owned business, they are committed to quality and customer service by providing larger and healthier products at a fair price along with the knowledge and service to make all your landscaping a successful endeavor. Acer’s Florist and Garden Center carries many items from local vendors, assuring your money stays in the community. They belong to the local Commack Jewish Center, and are heavily involved with the community. They donate to many school funtions and community events. In the future they will be holding educational seminars on planting, and special events for holidays such as Halloween pumpkin picking, Easter egg hunts and of course at Christmas!

Customers have said they have been waiting for a center like this and have been very happy with the products and services provided by the professional and friendly staff. Let them help you make your world a more beautiful place by visiting them at 2077 Jericho Tpke in Commack or call (631) 343-7123.