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Crabgrass is a relentless foe.  One single plant can cast thousands of seeds across your lawn.  They work their way down to the soil level and when the magic of sunshine and moisture come, the crabgrass begins its assault.  It is tougher than most grasses, so in the heat when your lawn is withering, the crabgrass is spreading like a disease.

The best defense against crabgrass comes in the early spring.  The seeds are dormant until the soil temperature gets warmer. If you spread a pre-emergent on the soil now, the seeds won't sprout.  You give your lawn a good head start and the crabgrass will never get a foothold.

Once the soil gets warm and the seeds sprout a pre-emergent is no help.


There are 2 approaches to doing the pre-emergent treatment. The traditional one is Scott's.  This is tried and true and our regular customers swear by it.  There is also a completely organic pre-emergent treatment.  Our staff knows both ways and can help you choose which is best for your situation

Preen is designed to keep annual weeds from growing in your flower, shrub and vegetable beds. It is simple to use, you just sprinkle on top of the soil and it will prevent weed seeds from germinating.
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